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Augmented-Reality Glasses and the Expansion of Poker

Google has recently been in the news for it’s latest release of augmented-reality glasses; many other companies are poised to flood the marketplace with an inexpensive route towards blending the virtual world with the real world.   Alongside Google’s recent launch of their augmented-reality glasses, other players in the market seem poised to help get […]

Mike Tyson’s New Las Vegas Stage Act

Mike Tyson has a new one-man show called Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth playing in Las Vegas during the middle of this month.   Boxing fans have seen many sides of Mike Tyson over the years, from fiercest fighter in the world to disgraced fighter sent to prison. Now playing at the MGM Grand’s Hollywood Theatre,  […]

New Jersey Internet Poker About to “Reach Finish Line”

Even without federal legislation regulating internet poker in the USA, states such as New Jersey are setting up their own regulations and infrastructure.   Here in Nevada, we’ve seen a rather quick surge forward as it relates to intra-state internet poker in the past year. Now New Jersey seems poised to get internet poker legislation […]

Another Class Action Lawsuit filed against Jesus and The Professor

News spread fast last night of a lawsuit recently filed against directors of Full Tilt Poker, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson and Howard “The Professor” Lederer.   Filed in the state of Nevada, this class action lawsuit was brought to court by poker player Todd Terry et al in the hopes of rectify the long-standing problem of […]

Breakthrough Cancer Vaccine Developed and The Fastest Piano Player in the World

A drug company and researchers out of Israel have found what is being described as a ‘universal’ cancer vaccine.   Just about everyone out there has had a family member or friend that has been struck by cancer. On this front, the world looks a bit brighter. The vaccine is developed by a drug company […]

Virtual Reality Video Games Used to Treat Burn Victim and The Beauty of Pollination Video

A recent story highlights the story of Captain Sam Brown, badly burned in an IED attack, treated for extreme pain by use of a virtual reality video game regimen.   A very interesting article by Jay Kirk of GQ Magazine lays out the benefits of virtual reality video games in treating a burn victim. In […]

Las Vegas Company Provides Mobile IV’s to Treat Hangovers; PokerStars Sunday Million Commentary Video

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction; what a shame that John Belushi isn’t around to endorse this company. A new Vegas company has popped up to service those that go a little bit overboard and party too hard. Partiers that get dehydrated or have an extreme hangover can call Hangover Heaven – where for $150 […]

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