Las Vegas Company Provides Mobile IV’s to Treat Hangovers; PokerStars Sunday Million Commentary Video

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction; what a shame that John Belushi isn’t around to endorse this company.

A new Vegas company has popped up to service those that go a little bit overboard and party too hard. Partiers that get dehydrated or have an extreme hangover can call Hangover Heaven – where for $150 a mobile van will come to your hotel to provide you with an IV drip on-site.

The drip is designed to rehydrate and pump customers full of a custom blend of vitamins, to drive toxins out of the system.

The site states that all medication and equipment used is FDA approved. The company’s tag line to there website appropriately entices customers to try their service by asking, “Feel like hell?” Time will tell how successful this company becomes and if other companies will follow their lead in other major markets.

Source: Hangover Heaven

Last night I did commentary for the PokerStars Sunday Million with Matthew “mjw006″ Wakeman and Zac on Quadjacks. Check out the video below:

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